Bright Outdoor Pendant Lighting

Charming Outdoor Pendant Lighting

Installing outdoor pendant lighting can bring old world charm to your home, especially when used on a front porch. Elegant and inexpensive, they are easy to install, as long as you follow some safety precautions.

First, make sure you have a ladder, screwdriver, nuts electrical wires and a circuit tester to installing outdoor pendant lighting. Then disconnect power to home. Make sure that anyone who is still in home becomes power on while working. Place ladder under old light fixture. Use a screwdriver to remove faceplate of light. Then remove wires from light to electrical box. Separate black cable first, then white, and then disconnect ground wire. Remove mounting bracket. This is hardware that light to electrical box is connected and held in place. At this point, you can carefully lower lamp to ground.

Pick up new bulb in place and secure mounting bracket with screws. Then connect cables. Match up colors, and use of electric wire nut to join together by holding ends of cables next to each other and screwing nut on top of them. Connect ground cable last. Finally, attach faceplate. You may need a little coil chain outdoor pendant lighting inside front plate, so that light cut. Make sure you are not hanging so low that it is possible for someone to hit her head on it.

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